Current as of March, 2010. You can download a PDF version of either my mechanical engineering or teaching resumes below.


Campus                                                                                     Permanent

MB 326, 1000 Olin Way                                       (630)853-5923                                            2939 Willow Ridge Dr.

Needham, MA 02492                                                                                                                Naperville, IL 60564



My research interests are in sustainable energy, especially wind and offshore technologies. These interests include emissions reduction, complex flow, ocean structures, dynamics testing, controls refinement, component design, and power storage.


Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering-Needham, MA, May 2010           

          Candidate for Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, GPA: 3.84/4.00

  • Relevant Coursework: Mechanical Design, Dynamics, Renewable Energy Systems, Thermodynamics, Transport Phenomena (Fluids, Heat and Mass Transfer), Mechanics of Solids and Structures, Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos, Materials Science, Computational Modeling, Modeling and Controls 


DOE Summer Undergraduate Laboratory Intern (SULI), Modal Testing of Research Turbine1,2, Jun 09-Aug 09

National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Mentor: Richard Osgood

  •  Conducted a full modal test on a 600 kW Siemens wind turbine to refine an NREL controls model
  •  Developed an LMS Test.Lab model to characterize the modes (resonances, damping, and shapes)
  •  Utilized both hydraulic shaker and novel wind excitation methods to obtain modes from turbine
  •  Compared experimental and model modes finding <5% difference between several fundamental modes

Project Manager, Expanding Platform Applications for Microfluidics, Sep 09- Present

Senior Capstone Program in Engineering (SCOPE). Olin College. Sponsored by NSF and Brandeis University

  •  Continuing development of microfluidics research imaging platform from previous SCOPE project
  •   Prioritizing goals of 7-person interdisciplinary team comprised of mechanical, bio., and systems engineers
  •   Designing pressure-based flow and emulsion mixer systems to facilitate microfluidics research

Research Student, Effects of Tumor Suppressor, RASSF1A, on Transcription, Sep 06 – Dec 07

Olin College. Mentor: Dr. Joanne Pratt

  • Planned investigation with mentor and independently developed work plan to meet project goals
  • Presented findings to the Olin community through a final oral presentation and written technical report


1R. Osgood, G. Bir, H. Mutha, B. Peeters, et al. “Full-scale modal wind turbine tests: comparing shaker excitation with wind excitation”. Paper to be presented at the 28th International Modal Analysis Conference, Jacksonville, FL, Feb. 1-4, 2010.


2H. Mutha and R.Osgood. “Full-Scale Wind Turbine Modal Testing: Hydraulic Shaker and Wind Excitation”. AWEA WINDPOWER 2010 Conference, Dallas, TX, May 23-26, 2010. Abstract under review.


Engineering Discovery, Olin College- Program Coordinator, May 06-Present

  • Started a service program for Olin undergraduates to teach engineering to elementary school children
  • Lead 15 Olin students in hands-on curriculum development and organized several school programs

Introductory Courses Assistant, Olin College, Sep 07-Dec 08

  • Tutored first-year students in single-variable calculus and reviewed homework assignments
  • Facilitated Modern Biology lab by overseeing experiments and answering questions


Machine Shop: Mill, lathe, laser cutter, drill press, precision saw, vertical and horizontal band saws, dremel

Lab: Wind tunnel, Instron, X-ray diffraction, thermomechanical analyzer, differential scanning calorimeter

Computer: SolidWorks, COMSOL, ANSYS, MATLAB, Python, LMS Test.Lab

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