Passions and Hobbies

  Engineering Discovery

During my second-year of undergrad, I re-started an education outreach program, Olin Engineering Discovery. A student-run organization, we work with Boston  area students in classrooms, after school programs, and at Olin. Our goal is to foster a passion for engineering and science in young students (usually 5th graders are our target audience), emphasizing skills such as team work and open-ended inquiry.



During my third-year, I chose to study abroad to Robert Gordon University and the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. I enrolled in Renewable Energy Systems, a politics course, and independent study in non-linear dynamics and chaos, and a self-study in education. When I wasn't studying, I spent much of my time exploring the Scottish castles and hiking the highlands. In addition, I had the chance to travel to Ireland, London and Oxford, Paris, Rome, Barcelona. We traveled by plane, train, and foot for most of the trip. I look forward to traveling again!


I have recently started to get into hiking. During my summer in Colorado, I backpacked around Rocky Mountain National Park, the Colorado Sand Dunes, and Indian Peaks. The summer internship ended with a fantastic hike up my first 14er, Longs Peak. In august, I visited Grand Teton and hiked the Heart Lake trail in Yellowstone.